privacy policy

General Data Protection Regulation

 On the 25th May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation GDPR took effect.

As a Business who hold personal data relating to yourself or your company, we are legally obliged to inform you of what data we hold for you and how we will/will not use it. The information that we use and store enables us to trade with you.

We hold personal information within our accounting/administration systems which is backed up to a server and stored for data security and loss prevention purposes. We are the only one who can access this data.

The information we hold is as follows:-

  • Name and Address
  • Various Telephone numbers as supplied by you
  • Various email addresses as supplied by you
  • CIS Details

The data above is only used to facilitate trading with you and general correspondence with you.

D J Harris Limited will never sell or share this information.

You do not need to do anything if you are happy for us to hold this information. However, if you are not happy for us to store this information then please inform us and we will have it removed accordingly.